Sunday, February 19, 2006

Although you wouldn't know it from the headlines, the media's cheap attempt to smear Dick Cheney has utterly failed. Here's a headline from today at ABC.com, in a clear attempt to put new spin on the subject:

Cheney's PR: How Not to Do Damage Control

In the story, the "reporter" tells it like it isn't: "At best, it has fed criticism of Cheney as aloof and isolated. At worst, critics suggest, it has shown a president unable to control his own vice president."

Here's how it really is, as reported correctly in the National Ledger:

Poll: Only 27% Say Dick Cheney Accident Raises Serious Questions

I guess that no one cares, except the Democrats. That's probably why Google News still has literally hundreds of stories on the topic, which by now is nothing more than pure spin from the "objective" media. Enough already. You lost.
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