Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Listening to Bush tonight, I couldn't help thinking that the Democrat/Media's main issues (e.g., whether Bush gleefully watched "Brokeback Mountain," whether abortion on demand will survive into the Iranian nuclear age, whether a photo of Jack Abramoff and Bush exists) are 100% irrelevant to the pressing issues right now. How about America's competitiveness in the world? Bush is at least addressing the issue where it's most important: science/math education and freeing trade restrictions and taxes. The Democrats? They clapped when the value of the "American worker" was praised, but have no program, except for one that doles out favors to special interest groups, such as teachers' unions. Bush ripped the Islamofascists, but the Dems have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO OFFER, except criticism of the President's surveillance program and the lack of a "timetable" for pulling the troops out of Iraq.

The Democrats are utterly irrelevant. Never vote for them.
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