Thursday, January 19, 2006


How do American students stack up against their foreign counterparts? If they lived in Asia, they would probably take the short bus. Perhaps the most damning indictment of liberal, teachers'-union-run public schools ever, this functional capacity evaluation proves that college students are practically illiterate when asked to take on common tasks. Guess which courses of study are the least educational? If you don't know, here they are:

The survey showed a strong relationship between analytic coursework and literacy. Students in two-year and four-year schools scored higher when they took classes that challenged them to apply theories to practical problems or weigh competing arguments.

Competing arguments? Analytical coursework? Name a sociology, womens' studies or African American studies department where you'll hear a "competing argument." For that matter, name a public school where the bulk of the teachers aren't liberals pumping kids full of defeatist 60s rhetoric about "social justice," i.e., communism.

Oh well, at least our kids will understand "diversity"!
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