Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Liberals revealed their true selves again this week in their response to convicted, cold-blooded murderer "Tookie" Williams' death by lethal injection and their conflicting response to President George W. Bush's admission that some of the pre-war intelligence on Iraq's WMDs was wrong. In "Tookie's" case, the liberals completely forgot his former misdeeds, including the murders of four people who did nothing more than try to run a business and make a living, while glorifying his alleged authorship of an anti-gang children's book (which apparently erases all moral culpability). In Bush's case, the liberals finally got what they wanted--an admission that some of the Iraq intelligence was wrong--yet they're still calling for Bush's execution (see graphic), because "Bush Lied, People Died." To them, someone making the "mistake" of murdering American citizens, never admitting it, and then writing a little-known children's book about gangs makes a person less deserving of death than someone responsible for liberating a nation filled with oppressed people based on questionable intelligence. Are these people nuts?

If you'd like to see a great example of the lunacy of the left (and distasteful protesting) during the leadup to and aftermath of the Williams execution, read this article and, when you're good and mad, check out this man-on-the-scene reporting, which is hillarious.

Author's Note: Like many liberals, I oppose the death penalty, not because of "racism" or other idiotic reasons, but instead because the government has and will continue to wrongfully convict a small number of individuals. Further, I believe that these prisoners could be better used as slave laborers for the benefit of others, so that they could give back something to the society from which they took so much, rather than as an endless irritant in our courts. If a life worse than death is provided for them, why not keep them alive?
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