Thursday, December 01, 2005

If you can stand it, try reading this column in the Village Voice, which compares the Bush administration to the "arch-conservatives" that ran the Soviet Union. Here is the opening to this blind-eyed view of history:

When the Soviet Union was still around, thousands of American students became Kremlinologists, counting words and deconstructing seemingly innocuous phrases in the speeches of the secretive arch-conservatives who ruled that crumbling empire.

Huh? As you may have guessed, the intellectual honesty (and rigor) of this column doesn't get much better. Here is the picture accomanying the column, which implies Bush is "playing God" with Iraqi children:

I guess this picture, which no doubt represents many of the children living under Saddam's utopia, wasn't available:

But who cares what happens to the Iraqis anyway, so long as a Democrat gets elected. This column proves one thing at least: Liberals never let facts get in the way of their arguments.

How pathetic.
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