Sunday, December 25, 2005


Who would think that Muslims in America could be activiely plotting a nuclear terror attack? Anyone reasonable, that's who. But when U.S. government agents used electronic monitoring equipment to detect nuclear devices around (Gasp!) Mosques and the homes of Muslims in the U.S., the liberal media was (and remains) outraged. Apparently there is a right to build and use nuclear weapons in the Constitution (but only if you use them against Americans).

"It is a waste of time, it is a waste of resources and it is causing us to be concerned about our citizenship, our constitutional rights," Nihad Awad, of CAIR, told CNN. A waste of time? I'd bet stopping innocent Muslim flight students for questioning would have been a "waste of time" to this moron as of 9/10/01. If any group would detonate a nuke on our soil, it would probably be a Muslim terrorist cell, so it's perfectly reasonable to target these groups for homeland security purposes. As for civil rights, these types of sweeps are about as non-invasive as it gets.

But none of that matters to the liberal media. According to them, the Muslims in the U.S. are beyond reproach. If it makes Bush look like big brother, they'll run with pretty much anything these days.

I once visited a Mosque in Madison, Wisconsin, just to see what it looked like and how the worship service was conducted. During the "sermon" portion of the service, the Imam got up and ranted for about 20 minutes about how terrible the U.S. and Israel were. I suspect that this "sermon" is repeated millions of times per year in Mosques throughout the world, on a daily basis. Accordingly, if any place should be targeted as a potential meeting place for terrorists in the U.S., it would be a Mosque.

No offense to our innocent Muslim friends, but you've made no effort to distance yourselves from a pretty bad crowd, and must accept the consequences that follow.
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