Thursday, December 08, 2005


What in the hell is wrong with liberals these days? For starters, they seem to have completely forgotten history. They are constantly criticizing Bush and comparing him to Hitler. But at the same time, they praise people like the late Yassir Arafat, Al Qaeda "detainees," and even Saddam Hussein. If liberals hate Hitler so much, it's worth asking what a Nazi is, isn't it?

Maybe it's someone who denies the holocaust occurred, like soon-to-be-liberal-hero (when we and/or Israel finally attack) "President" Mahmoud Amadinejad of Iran. Or maybe it's the Palestinians, who also seem to be in favor of wiping the Israel (and the Jews) "off the map." The following graphic is instructive:

But all of these things can be said about liberals too, which is the height of irony. A religion/political movement like Wahabbism, which denigrates women, targets civilians militarily, accepts the coexistence of no other religion (sorry liberals, that includes atheism), and has no respect for individual rights or civil liberties would, logically, repulse liberals. Unfortunately, they're too stupid/ignorant to realize that in all their Bush-bashing, Christian-hating fervor they've come to accept a movement than is logically a hundred-million times less tolerant, more homophobic, less rights-respecting, and just about every other bad thing, than Christian conservatism.

I guess the Soviet term for Cold War liberals, "useful idiot," is an equally good description of Islamoliberals today. So who's more of a Nazi, George w. Bush or his leftist opponents? To answer that question, just look to the Wahabbis' most adamant supporters: The American left.
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