Sunday, November 06, 2005


Could you imagine if the Mexican immigrants in the U.S. decided they would torch cars, schools, and government buildings throughout this country because they were "disadvantaged"? What do you think would happen if roving gangs of kids terrorized entire neighborhoods and the police completely lost control? Hopefully it wouldn't be what's happening in France, where the government is holding administrative meetings to decide what to do about a similar problem in Paris and its suburbs. That's right, they're holding meetings, on the 10th day of the riots--to decide what to do. Last time I checked, a violent response got pretty good results. But in "enlightened" France, such a response is unthinkable. Prepare for surrender.

This, my friends, is what happens when you run a government that has pacifism as its foreign and domestic policy. How quickly they've forgotten the lessons of WWII. Better call the UN, hold yet another meeting, and then hope that the violence dies down on its own. Word to the wise: It won't.
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