Tuesday, November 15, 2005


In a 1980s job application, soon-to-be Justice Alito said that the "right" to abortion is not found in the Constitution. Worse still, he implied that affirmative action is unconstitutional. These wild, extreme beliefs put him much farther on the ideological extreme that Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Or so the Washington Post would have you believe....

Guess which of Ruth's beliefs made her a "consensus nominee":

1. Government should pay for abortions.
2. The age of "consent" for sexual activity should be 12 years old.
3. The right to consensual prostitution can be found in the text of the Constitution.
4. The right to practice polygamy can be found in the text of the Constitution.
5. Mothers' and Fathers' Days are discriminatory and should be outlawed.

Still guessing? Don't worry, the Post assures us that Ruth hasn't made outlawing Mothers' Day her "life's work."

And the mainstream media wonders why its readership is declining.
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