Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Dear Democrats and Media Members,

For the eight-gazzillionth time, some of the actions taken in the Iraq War were "mistakes." Number one, we were probably far too nice to the so-called "insurgents," which encouraged them to fight harder because they had no fear of the consequences. If we would have done it right, they would be dead, not rotting away in Abu Grhaib Prison. Number two, we should have watched the CIA closer to make sure that subversive MoveOn.org-contributing political operatives (i.e., Joseph Wilson) were not put on fact-finding missions for the CIA (by their wives) where the facts were found before the mission began. Number three, we probably should have killed Saddam Hussein without a trial. After all, his defense lawyers might be alive if we had, and no one really doubts his guilt anyway (except Ramsey Clark). And finally, we should have built military bases on the Iranian border immediately after the occupation, just to scare the Mullahs in that country and make them realize our non-proliferation threats are credible.

Now it's your turn. How about admitting your military failures to the victims of 9/11, the Khobar Towers, the USS Cole, the 1st World Trade Center bombing, the Embassy workers in Tanzania and Kenya, the fallen soldiers in Somalia (and the people there), and the millions people living in Communist regimes (including Vietnam)? Your weak-kneed policies, always seeking to appease dicators--Castro, Kim Jong Il, the Iraqi "insurgents," Osama, the Somali warlords, et. al--are what provide the short-term solutions and the cause the long-term problems.

Your "solutions" encourage our violent, barbarian-like enemies to attack us again, and again, and again. In every confrontation, from Vietnam to Iraq, your party has sought to "understand" our enemies by capitulating to them. You see this as a solution, but our enemies see this as weakness, and weakness always begets violent challenge. But in any event, you don't want to "win" anyway. You think America is so terrible that us winning in war and instilling our democratic values (like we did in Germany and Japan) is always a loss to the people on the other side--even if those people have NO freedoms at all. If you hate American values and democracy this much, why don't you go live in Cuba, where everyone has their own private doctor and a '57 Chevy (and nothing else, including civil liberties). If that's good enough for them, it's good enough for you.

Now you say that "staying the course" in Iraq should be replaced with a weaker solution, such as a gradual pullout. You say that the Administration should admit its mistakes and chart a different course. Yet you offer no solution that won't embolden our enemies. You want to turn this conflict into another Vietnam by preventing the troops on the ground from winning the war. For your own political gain, you want the troops to fail. No way.

You want an apology? You first.
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