Tuesday, September 06, 2005

John Nichols, the associate editor of The Capital Times, had this to say about Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House's, commitment to rebuilding the Democratic stronghold that is New Orleans:

Don't believe it. Hastert, like his congressional godfather, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, sees everything in political terms. And in the political calculus of the House Republican leadership, New Orleans and cities like it have for a long time been seen as expendable.

As you may recall, Hastert questioned the wisdom of rebuilding New Orleans because the city was (1) virtually destroyed and (2) under sea level, which places it in a precarious position should another disaster hit. Yet, according to Nichols, Hastert's real motivation is driven by "political terms."

Nichols goes on to frame Hastert's political motivations according to his own red vs. blue strategy map. For example, Mississippi should be rebuilt because rich Republicans live there; New Orleans shouldn't because it's a densely populated Democratic district, etc.

Only a liberal could think in such bone-chilling, aloof terms during a time of national crisis. Nichols completely ignores that practical difficulties and expense of rebuilding New Orleans to its prior status. Although Hastert spoke pragmatically, and perhaps a bit insensitively, he is only thinking of the good of the country and trying to contain the costs of the cleanup while preventing the consequences future disasters. Nichols, by his own analysis, demonstrates perfectly how he "thinks" about such crises, despite the fact that he tries to attribute his darkest thoughts to Hastert.

How pathetic, yet typical, of the left these days.
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