Monday, September 05, 2005

Kanye West and Jesse Jackson won't be too happy about this story slipping through the censors over at Reuters. A reporter interviewed a man who before the hurricane had a "complex about white people," only to lose the same after being helped by white rescuers. Others were found carrying Bibles and being consoled by church leaders who made it into the disaster zone.

Of course, the lefty journalists couldn't resist a "counterpoint" by an Atheist organization, which I'm willing to guess has very little offer in terms of hurricane relief--except for a "critical" voice:

"We're getting reports of how some religion-based 'aid' groups are trying to fly evangelists into the stricken areas and how U.S. Army chaplains are carrying bibles -- not food or water -- to 'comfort' people," Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheist, said in a statement. "People need material aid, medical care and economic support -- not prayers and preaching."

I guess that Ms. Johnson speaks for the looters, rapist, and other blame-society types with a nihilistic view of the world around them who are causing most of the problems for the actual rescuers. What New Orleans needs now, more than ever, is more religiosity and togetherness, not a bunch of whiners like these. What a shame that this woman speaks for your average liberal these days, who wants more than anything to make political hay from this crisis. How tragic.
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