Saturday, September 17, 2005

Check out this article, detailing the hyper-political, communist-inspired American Humanist Association's condemnation of W's calling this past Friday for a national day of prayer and rememberance for the victims of Katrina. The group described the day, and Bush's religiously-tinged leadership, as "inherently exclusionary." The AHA further criticized Bush's motivation for calling on a day of prayer, describing it as an attempted coverup of his poor leadership immediately following the disaster. As you may have guessed, the finer details regarding the mayor's and governor's conduct are not discussed. They must not be praying (except for their jobs).

If you haven't read the last post yet, please do so now.

The left's hatred for religion (particularly Christianity) couldn't be better expressed than in this moronic call to exclude the very idea that God exists from all aspects of our national response to tragedies: natural disasters, war, death/dying, abortion, etc. As my last post proves, the atheist viewpoint is well represented at the collegiate level, where Communist thugs are trying to push any mention of religion out of public universities. After all, religion is "racist" (except for Islam, of course). It's a pretty safe assumption that the public high schools are doing their part as well to push the "opiate of the masses" out of public view as well.

If you're as offended as I am about the left's treatment of religion, we should write to our representatives and request that they immediately discontinue funding for all public universities that do not have a well-monitored "diversity" program that features diverse viewpoints, not just skin color. This would put a "levee" in place that stops the left from turning the campus into the equivalent of an atheistic Potemkin Village, where Christians are casually swept off the streets. In addition, the AHA would lose its fertile recruiting grounds. We might just gain some sanity, as well
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