Saturday, September 03, 2005

This column, by Arianna Huffington, pretty much sums up the liberals' contribution to the Katrina aftermath. According to her, the dems are missing a "teachable moment" due to Clinton's misdeeds. She's spazzing about Bill Clinton acting as a chief fundraiser at W's request, which, in her words, makes Clinton "Suck-Up-in-Chief." She's angry because Clinton, who is the figurehead of the Democratic party, won't come out and blame Bush for the disaster--despite the fact that some people in New Orleans are impoverished, which, of course, Bush caused. In her view, the disaster was perfectly foreseeable--never mind that no Democrats (including Clinton) ever made a big deal about New Orleans' vulnerability BEFORE the disaster hit. I guess that makes the Democrats racist against blacks, including the mayor of New Orleans (who is black).

Like 9/11 made terrorism a top priority, I suspect that this disaster will make responsiveness to natural disasters a top priority as well. Clearly more could have been done, such as immediatley sending in paratroopers, to stop the criminal looting and marauding that followed the disaster; more also could have been done to quickly send in food and water. However, to lay the blame solely at Bush's feet, and notably not at all at the Mayor of New Orleans' feet (who is in the best position to set readiness plans in motion), is to follow the Democratic talking-points to a tee.

People like Huffington (a rich, pampered Stepford-wife of a woman) are not proposing any meaningful solutions to Katrina-like disasters at the policy-making level. Instead, they are actively trying to STOP Clinton from raising funds to help the poor minorities they claim to embrace. The Democrats have no interest in any solutions to these problems that will not add to their position politically. Given the alternatives, helping poor blacks with aid money or making political hay against Bush, the Democrats' choice allows only one conclusion: The Democrats are racist!
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