Thursday, September 08, 2005

As you may recall, the President appointed his father and Bill Clinton as co-fundraisers following the Katrina disaster. You may also recall that Clinton gladly accepted the appointment. The press has since gone crazy over a quote by Barbara Bush, calling her insensitive to those affected by the crisis (see last post). The media has also been in a frenzy trying to discredit W's slow response to the tragedy and its aftermath. If Bush Sr. would have done anything within their realm of outrage, you can be sure that he would have taken a boatload of criticism as well.

Which leads me back to Bill Clinton. What's he been up to? On Wednesday, about one week after disaster struck here, Clinton attended a dinner held in his honor in Uttar Pradesh, India--half a world away from the disaster site. Not that you would ever hear the mainstream press highlight that story, which stands in stark juxtoposition to the Bush family actions they're currently criticizing with such zeal. If Bush Sr. had done the same--attending a foreign dinner held for the sole purpose of inflating his ego--could you imagine the press response?

If you can't, you're probably a liberal.
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