Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Here is a liberal's rendition of what type of speech GW should have given when he "apologized" for the slow response after Katrina, entitled "The Katrina Speech that George Bush Isn't Man Enough to Make." It's laden in class envy and, of course, lacks an actual plan to remedy any problems. The whole thing is worth reading, but here are a few representative passages:

But taxes are there for our common good. We have to change our minds about taxes. Not paying taxes is selfish. Paying taxes is about contributing to the common good, about being selfless and charitable. We should be happy to pay taxes because that is our social capital. That's the money we pool to make ourselves better. We should be happy to pay taxes to build a better education system, for example, so poor kids have a better chance at life, and can work themselves out of poverty.


We in America have forgotten that we are one big family, the family of America. Like a family, we have to learn how to take care of our own. A good, strong family stands together to help its members who are in trouble. Everyone who is in a family knows that when you are in need, you can rely on someone in your family to come through for you. And when you are doing well, you don't think twice about helping those in your family who need help.

The author's rosy, or maybe red, view of government is a laughable example of how far out of touch the Democrats are when it comes to government corruption and waste. The whole reason for lower taxes and increased privatization is that government is utterly incapable of increasing "social capital" in most cases, and it certainly isn't a very good "family" to be in (just ask any child in foster care, any prison inmate, any government hospital patient, etc.). Not only that, but the government is itself a big corporate-type entity, complete with corrupt unions and unneeded, wasteful programs (and employees) that refuse to die, a la programs in the movie "The Matrix."

In its unreality, doesn't this sound similar to something you might hear from "Uncle Joe" Stalin's political department when he ruled the Soviet Union? But this faux "speech" is all too typical of the left these days. It is yet another great example of why no one should ever vote Democrat again.
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