Sunday, September 04, 2005

Has anyone else noticed that the Democrats have been doing nothing more than whining incessantly in the wake of Katrina. Just look at today's edition of the Huffington Post, where almost all of the articles criticize the officials in charge of disaster management for not acting fast enough. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the people actually doing something about this situation are very likely not going to have a mindset like your average liberal, who is too busy acting as "society's critic" to actually get off his or her you-know-what and actually DO SOMETHING, such as sending in a ten dollar check to the Red Cross. Further, even when a liberal does pitch in, such as Bill Clinton did by assisting in the fundraising effort, the liberal residue will turn its anger towards him or her for not acting as a nose-in-the-air critic of President Bush.

The liberal post-hurricane refrain is starting to sound very similar to the one employed after 9/11. Immediately after that crisis, the libs criticized President Bush for waiting a whole 7 MINUTES to leave a classroom of children and do something about the attacks on the World Trade Center. Of course, Bush's approach to that disaster was far more comprehensive than the "anger management" approach the liberals would have instituted had they been in power. Still, in liberaldom, actual results have no bearing on the handling of a crisis because it's all about the "feelings" conveyed by a leader. There, as here, President Bush has failed because he failed to focus solely on the "feelings" of those hurt by the crisis, combined with some sort of symbolic, yet likely ineffective, action. Nevermind the myriad logistical difficulties presented by the current situations in New Orleans, such as the impossibility of getting tractor trailers into the disaster area, the tendency of residents to shoot at rescue helicopters, the noncooperation of residents who still refuse to leave their houses (despite a mandatory evacuation issued before the hurricane), the fact that New Orleans police officers are walking off the job, the hyper-criminality of many of the residents preying upon their fellow citizens, the failure of the Mayor to utilize a large number of passenger busses at his disposal before Katrina hit, etc.

According to the libs, none of these things should have prevented the god-king president from instantly remedying (or preventing) the situation. Of course, it is difficult to imagine that even a perfectly executed plan would have avoided all of the consequences of Katrina, which is why the libs are now starting to blame such lofty concerns as global warming and poverty for the disaster, despite their tenuous or nonexistent causal link with what actually occurred. We are also hearing from Kanye West and other liberal "thinkers" that the President hates blacks and hearing Jesse Jackson criticize the President for not appointing a black person to head up the disaster relief effort (even here, pushing affirmative action). In sum, all the liberal brimstone and fury is likely to cause even greater problems resulting from the situation, such as deeper racial divisions or non-science based solutions (e.g., signing the Kyoto Protocol instead of fixing the surrounding wetlands). NEVER will you hear a good solution come from their lips.

If it weren't the socialist educational system, the entitlement mentality, and the race baiting that liberals engage in, which all result in a childlike, infantilist opinion of the world, we might solve these problems much sooner. As it stands, we'll just have to continue doing something while they sit around and point fingers. How tragic.
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