Monday, August 08, 2005

With the passing of Peter Jennings, the last of the 3 horsemen of the mainstream press steps away from the helm of the liberal media juggernaut. That is not to say that the university breeding grounds will stop corrupting and brainwashing journalism students before placing them in the remaining powerhouses, such as the New York Times and Washington Post. That is also not to say that Katie Couric or Juan Williams will suddenly see the light, either. However, it is one less cornerstone in the church of liberalism, which is as personality-driven as a religious cult.

The obituaries of Jennings' life bear our the theme that the press is an emotional or "spiritual" outlet, not a news source. Just read the following passage, as written by Howard Kurtz and printed in the Washington Post:

I remember hanging out in the ABC skybox at the Democratic convention in Boston last year as Jennings, in shirtsleeves, anchored a two-hour digital cable broadcast also available to America Online and cell phone users. He reveled in the spontaneity of it, without knowing whether the audience would be hundreds or hundreds of thousands, and boasted that the program would kick off with music by Jimi Hendrix.

Could you ever see Jennings "reveling" in the "spontenaity" of the Republican Convention? Of course not. But that is what he lent to liberalism--a self-righteous, snide tone when talking about conservatives, a somber tone when liberal heroes were taken down or Communists defeated, and an ecstatic tone when liberals were on parade.

With Peter Jennings passage, what must be on the mind of all liberals is whether someone will be able to show the appropriate affect when reading the news or interpreting an event as important as the Democratic National Convention. If no one steps forward with the same charisma, maybe they libs will actually start listening to Air America.
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