Thursday, August 18, 2005

The island of Taiwan is the Elian Gonzales of countries. The Commies want the island back because it's a visual slap in the face to their perceived power and authority (circa 1949), just like Elian was to Castro (circa Lewinski). Like Clinton's capitulation then, Howard Dean has already capitulated, in advance, in any future war against China.

How do I know this? By deduction, my dear friend. First, I watched Howard Dean on Face the Nation last week, where he (as usual) either (1) lambasted the President for his terrible policies (e.g., teaching creationism alongside evolution made the President "anti-science") or (2) lambasted the President's means of achieving acceptable goals (defending the country shouldn't be achieved by military force). Specifically, Dean said that we couldn't afford to use force against Iran's nuclear ambitions (allegedly an acceptable goal) because our military is too overstretched in Iraq. Then, when asked whether he approved of the use of force against Iran to stop them before they develop any nuclear weapons (a forbidden affirmative act), Dean immediately backpeddled. If he didn't, he just might agree with the President, who said that force was on the table. I guess Dean plans on repeating the diplomatic success of the Clinton administration's negotiations with North Korea.

The Dean interview just about said it all. By deduction, if we're too weak to defend ourselves against the combined front of a rag-tag group of terrorists in Iraq and the Mullahs in Iran and their armies, there is absolutely no chance that we could beat China, who along with Russia participated in joint military exercises last week. In fact, we couldn't beat either of them.

Back to Taiwan. If a Democrat gets into office, that island will be to countries what Elian was to Cuba. Elian voluntarily left a Communist hellhole to come to the (evil) United States. Like Elian, he Nationalist armies fled to Taiwan in 1949 to get away from the Maoist Commies. After Castro made a big stink about Elian's return (notably, without force to back it up), the Democrats rolled over and returned Elian (using military force) to a country so corrupt that we won't even trade with it. Like Castro, the Chicoms are making a big stink about returning Taiwan to the mainland. Although it hasn't (officially) happened yet, the Dems are sure to capitulate there too.

So there you have it. If China decides to attack Taiwan, Dean has already surrendered. According to him, we're just too overstretched in Iraq, dammit. If we weren't in this quagmire, tough-minded Democrats would, maybe...uhh.......Well that's not important anyway. Besides, Cindy Sheehan would disapprove.

Democrats are incapable of handling foreign policy. Never vote for them.
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