Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Neal Boortz is on the Fair Tax attack 

If you’re not familiar with Neal Boortz then this will be a great day for you. Neal is a radio talk show host in Atlanta, GA. He is freaking awesome. Neal has now authored a book, in conjunction with Congressman John Linder, which will absolutely reform the current tax system. The FairTax Book is released today, and is currently #6 on Amazon.com. I recommend that everyone pick up this book. Or borrow it from me in a couple days when I’m done with my copy. If you’re not sure what exactly the FairTax system is, Neal will be doing promos on some national television and radio shows. If you’re employed, Tivo these; it will be worth your time:

  • Tuesday (8/2/05) Neal will be on during the third hour of Sean Hannity’s radio show (appox. 4pm-5pm CST). Listen live here.
  • Tuesday (8/2/05) Neal will be on Hannity & Colmes this evening. Fox News Channel, 8pm CST.
  • Wednesday (8/3/05) Neal will appear on CNN’s American Morning. CNN, 6am-9am CST.
  • Wednesday (8/3/05) Neal will appear on Your World w/ Neil Cavuto. Fox News Channel, 3pm-4pm CST.
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