Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm tired of saying how foolishly Democratic members of the Senate are acting these days in regard to a "timetable" for getting out of Iraq. As anyone who has watched the History Channel a few times knows, it is not a good idea to artificially constrain your options when facing down an enemy. Take this story as a metaphor for what I mean by all this:

Imagine that you had a little brother who was constantly getting beaten up by a neighborhood bully. You would step in and defend your brother on a regular basis and beat up, but not kill, the neighborhood bully. Each time you help your brother, you get hit a few times, but you always end up hurting the bully badly. Eventually, you tire of helping your brother and demand that he starts lifting weights, taking martial arts classes, etc., to beat up the bully himself. You hope that he will be ready soon, because you're sick of getting punched by the bully yourself.

To motivate your brother, you state publicly that he has two months to get ready and then he'll have to fight the bully himself. Interestingly, the bully stops attacking your brother quite so often during these months, so you declare victory early. However, when the two months have passed--and you leave--the bully returns. Unfortunately, your brother wasn't ready after all, and the bully not only beats your brother up; he kills him. Now you'd like to help, but its too late for both political and strategic reasons.

Now imagine that you never provided a "timeline" and kept the bully guessing. He would never know what your intentions were, which would strike at his morale and prevent him from planning a large-scale attack against a weakened enemy in the future. Unfortunately, the Democrats are so stupid that even this simple metaphor is too difficult to understand. Their ignorance is especially offensive because they are the ones who insist on "Vietnamizing" this war. You would think that they would have learned something from that conflict. Unfortunately, they were too stoned. For more, read this post.

Democrats are incapable of handling foreign policy. Never vote for them.
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