Monday, August 15, 2005

The group of protesters camped outside President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch got a rude awakening this weekend when Larry Mattlage, a neighbor of the President, fired his gun twice in the air. When questioned by the secret service, he told them that he was preparing for "dove hunting" season. Ha ha ha!!!

Mr. Mattlage, who probably has a job, was upset by the traffic created by throngs of jobless protesters visiting the site of the President's ranch. Cindy Sheehan, who actually has something to protest (her son was killed in Iraq), is leading the group, most of which has no reason to protest at all (except, of course, when you're counting an overprivileged childhood, a Communist-inspired university education, or how, like, "wrong" war as valid reasons for a protest). I'm willing to bet that this was the first time many of these pampered babies had ever even heard a gunshot. Maybe when the war is over they can restart the gun control movement.
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