Monday, August 29, 2005

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm tired of saying how foolishly Democratic members of the Senate are acting these days in regard to a "timetable" for getting out of Iraq. As anyone who has watched the History Channel a few times knows, it is not a good idea to artificially constrain your options when facing down an enemy. Take this story as a metaphor for what I mean by all this:

Imagine that you had a little brother who was constantly getting beaten up by a neighborhood bully. You would step in and defend your brother on a regular basis and beat up, but not kill, the neighborhood bully. Each time you help your brother, you get hit a few times, but you always end up hurting the bully badly. Eventually, you tire of helping your brother and demand that he starts lifting weights, taking martial arts classes, etc., to beat up the bully himself. You hope that he will be ready soon, because you're sick of getting punched by the bully yourself.

To motivate your brother, you state publicly that he has two months to get ready and then he'll have to fight the bully himself. Interestingly, the bully stops attacking your brother quite so often during these months, so you declare victory early. However, when the two months have passed--and you leave--the bully returns. Unfortunately, your brother wasn't ready after all, and the bully not only beats your brother up; he kills him. Now you'd like to help, but its too late for both political and strategic reasons.

Now imagine that you never provided a "timeline" and kept the bully guessing. He would never know what your intentions were, which would strike at his morale and prevent him from planning a large-scale attack against a weakened enemy in the future. Unfortunately, the Democrats are so stupid that even this simple metaphor is too difficult to understand. Their ignorance is especially offensive because they are the ones who insist on "Vietnamizing" this war. You would think that they would have learned something from that conflict. Unfortunately, they were too stoned. For more, read this post.

Democrats are incapable of handling foreign policy. Never vote for them.
If you're a liberal (and that's unlikely if you visit this site), you are probably wondering how the big oil companies got together and caused a hurricane over the weekend. As the news-savvy among us are aware, oil topped $70 per barrel this weekend because the Gulf of Mexico oil rigs have shut down in anticipation of the devestating hurricane Katrina. The increasing oil costs are attributable to several factors influencing supply and demand, such as instability in the Middle East causing decreased supply and increasing Chinese affluence (and automobile use) increasing demand. When a natural disaster hits that significantly decreases supply, we feel the pain at the pump.

Likewise, when supply increases through increased production--for example, with oil drilling in the "prestine" Anwar preserve--prices are generally lower. In the same vein, success in Iraq would likely mean lower prices, as the Iraqis operating in their best interest would like to be like Kuwaitis: Rich.

In the long run, increased supply and decreased demand are both good for the country, and allow us a measure of economic independence. On the conservative side, we seek to increase production and use oil somewhat more efficiently than we have in the past. On the liberal side, they whine and complain about how oil companies are preventing the potato-powered car from coming on the market and about how Dick Cheney is teaming up with his oil buddies for, uhh, cheaper oil, blah, blah, blah.

Don't be surprised if the liberals blame Bush for the hurricane and create a conspiracy involving oil out of Katrina's arrival. It wouldn't be much stupider than their theories about war, oil production, and a host of other issues.
Carrying on his trademark trend of counseling less and less worthy "victims" of wrongdoing, Jesse Jackson has decided to lend a helping hand to Hugo Chavez, the Communist dictator of Venezuela, who was "victimized" by a TV minister calling for his assassination last week. Jackson noted that U.S. authorities should take action, and the U.S. govenrment should choose "diplomacy over any threats of sabatoge or isolation or assassination."

Maybe when the "U.S. authorities" are done "taking action" against Pat Robertson for daring to say that we should assassinate a Communist dicator (of all people), the same authorities can begin taking action against other agitators of violence, such as Al Sharpton or the Black Uhuru movement. I'm sure that the good Reverend will be right there to condemn their calls for violence as well, even though he has never been there in the past.

Come to think of it, if Reagan had only just resorted to "diplomacy" with the Soviet Union, like FDR did in Yalta, maybe it wouldn't have ever collapsed. I'm sure the good Reverend would agree that we should avoid tragedies like that in the future.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Dan Rather should be proud of the journalistic efforts made in this story, which followed the unfolding heartache of a little girl whose daddy was going off to Iraq. In a brilliant scheme, a woman and newspaper editor (he denies it) concocted the story and recruited the "actors" by making them believe they were playing roles in a movie. Although the "scenes" of the movie had no cameras, the actors nonetheless believed that they were playing a role, and dutifully posed as the necessary parties for the story.

The "legitimate" media are calling this a hoax. But it is no more of a hoax than the Bill Burkett story, which so many of them wanted to believe, despite the evidence. If they repeat themselves often enough, maybe they'll believe this story too.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

From each according to his abilities, to each according to his need.
Check this out to see how this Communist credo works out in practice. Gee, maybe Pat Robertson was right! Not that our Communist-minded liberal media would ever see the blatantly obvious failings of the political ideology they propagandize about in their reporting on a day-to-day basis.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

If the U.S. government put someone from the show "Street Smarts" in the role of head of homeland security, not even those morons would act as stupidly or wastefully as our duly-elected government officials are acting with regard to terrorism in the NY subways. In fact, our fearless defenders are pumping a huge amount of money into the intense surveillance of subway stations in order to prevent a terrorist attack.

Well golly gee. Maybe if they used these techniques on the f-ing MEXICAN BORDER we wouldn't have a problem with illegal immigrants/terrorists coming into the country!

Monday, August 22, 2005

This is absolutely insane. If I hadn't read it myself, I never would have believed that this outcome were possible. Click here to see how Morris Dees, of the Mexican Property Law Center, is upholding our great system of justice. Who says judicial appointments are important?
Are you in a union? Are you just trying to put bread on the table, living paycheck-to-paycheck? Do you hope that your political party, filled with normal, average working folks will stick up for you in the Congress?

Click here to see what your liberal heroes are up to this week!!! Da da da, you trade your heroes for ghosts....da da da....hot air for a cool breeze....da da da.... Wish you were here!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The island of Taiwan is the Elian Gonzales of countries. The Commies want the island back because it's a visual slap in the face to their perceived power and authority (circa 1949), just like Elian was to Castro (circa Lewinski). Like Clinton's capitulation then, Howard Dean has already capitulated, in advance, in any future war against China.

How do I know this? By deduction, my dear friend. First, I watched Howard Dean on Face the Nation last week, where he (as usual) either (1) lambasted the President for his terrible policies (e.g., teaching creationism alongside evolution made the President "anti-science") or (2) lambasted the President's means of achieving acceptable goals (defending the country shouldn't be achieved by military force). Specifically, Dean said that we couldn't afford to use force against Iran's nuclear ambitions (allegedly an acceptable goal) because our military is too overstretched in Iraq. Then, when asked whether he approved of the use of force against Iran to stop them before they develop any nuclear weapons (a forbidden affirmative act), Dean immediately backpeddled. If he didn't, he just might agree with the President, who said that force was on the table. I guess Dean plans on repeating the diplomatic success of the Clinton administration's negotiations with North Korea.

The Dean interview just about said it all. By deduction, if we're too weak to defend ourselves against the combined front of a rag-tag group of terrorists in Iraq and the Mullahs in Iran and their armies, there is absolutely no chance that we could beat China, who along with Russia participated in joint military exercises last week. In fact, we couldn't beat either of them.

Back to Taiwan. If a Democrat gets into office, that island will be to countries what Elian was to Cuba. Elian voluntarily left a Communist hellhole to come to the (evil) United States. Like Elian, he Nationalist armies fled to Taiwan in 1949 to get away from the Maoist Commies. After Castro made a big stink about Elian's return (notably, without force to back it up), the Democrats rolled over and returned Elian (using military force) to a country so corrupt that we won't even trade with it. Like Castro, the Chicoms are making a big stink about returning Taiwan to the mainland. Although it hasn't (officially) happened yet, the Dems are sure to capitulate there too.

So there you have it. If China decides to attack Taiwan, Dean has already surrendered. According to him, we're just too overstretched in Iraq, dammit. If we weren't in this quagmire, tough-minded Democrats would, maybe...uhh.......Well that's not important anyway. Besides, Cindy Sheehan would disapprove.

Democrats are incapable of handling foreign policy. Never vote for them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Just when you thought that the media in this country couldn't be any stupider when choosing what world events to cover, this story came along and shattered the paradigm. Also, don't miss the reference to Katie Couric at the bottom--I wouldn't want her to miss out on her share of the credit.

Honorable mentions: Brad/Angelina/Jennifer love triangle; Valerie Plame Affair; Bill Clinton CD.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

For those who haven't heard, former President Bill Clinton is releasing a compilation CD, which the press will surely tout as an "essential" album soon. Here are just a few of the tracks you can expect to hear (or should expect, anyway):

10. Melissa Etheridge: I Wanna Come (sic) Over
9. Michael Jackson: Beat It
8. 2 Live Crew: Me So Horny [Explicit]
7. Warrant: Cherry Pie
6. Poison: Talk Dirty to Me
5. Steely Dan: Hey Nineteen
4. Motley Crue: Girls, Girls, Girls
3. Kiss: Lick It Up
2. ZZ Top: Legs
1. Pink Floyd: Have a Cigar

You can get your copy at the Clinton Library Website. Enjoy!
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Monday, August 15, 2005

The group of protesters camped outside President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch got a rude awakening this weekend when Larry Mattlage, a neighbor of the President, fired his gun twice in the air. When questioned by the secret service, he told them that he was preparing for "dove hunting" season. Ha ha ha!!!

Mr. Mattlage, who probably has a job, was upset by the traffic created by throngs of jobless protesters visiting the site of the President's ranch. Cindy Sheehan, who actually has something to protest (her son was killed in Iraq), is leading the group, most of which has no reason to protest at all (except, of course, when you're counting an overprivileged childhood, a Communist-inspired university education, or how, like, "wrong" war as valid reasons for a protest). I'm willing to bet that this was the first time many of these pampered babies had ever even heard a gunshot. Maybe when the war is over they can restart the gun control movement.

Friday, August 12, 2005

What do you say about a woman whose President-husband took a payoff from the woman's brother before giving a presidential pardon to a dangerous, convicted drug-dealing felon? You might say that she is unfit for the Senate. You would certainly say that she is unfit for the presidency.

If it weren't for the willful amnesia of the mainstream press, you might hear some reporting about this same woman criticizing someone else for taking money from mobsters--especially since the charges are utterly false. But you won't hear that in this story.

Monday, August 08, 2005

With the passing of Peter Jennings, the last of the 3 horsemen of the mainstream press steps away from the helm of the liberal media juggernaut. That is not to say that the university breeding grounds will stop corrupting and brainwashing journalism students before placing them in the remaining powerhouses, such as the New York Times and Washington Post. That is also not to say that Katie Couric or Juan Williams will suddenly see the light, either. However, it is one less cornerstone in the church of liberalism, which is as personality-driven as a religious cult.

The obituaries of Jennings' life bear our the theme that the press is an emotional or "spiritual" outlet, not a news source. Just read the following passage, as written by Howard Kurtz and printed in the Washington Post:

I remember hanging out in the ABC skybox at the Democratic convention in Boston last year as Jennings, in shirtsleeves, anchored a two-hour digital cable broadcast also available to America Online and cell phone users. He reveled in the spontaneity of it, without knowing whether the audience would be hundreds or hundreds of thousands, and boasted that the program would kick off with music by Jimi Hendrix.

Could you ever see Jennings "reveling" in the "spontenaity" of the Republican Convention? Of course not. But that is what he lent to liberalism--a self-righteous, snide tone when talking about conservatives, a somber tone when liberal heroes were taken down or Communists defeated, and an ecstatic tone when liberals were on parade.

With Peter Jennings passage, what must be on the mind of all liberals is whether someone will be able to show the appropriate affect when reading the news or interpreting an event as important as the Democratic National Convention. If no one steps forward with the same charisma, maybe they libs will actually start listening to Air America.

Friday, August 05, 2005

In yet another example of media bias on display, check out this photo of bad-word-sayer Robert Novak. Who's that guy with him in the 2003 photograph? Can you say guilt by association? They must not have had any other photographs of Novak, who is, after all, only on TV about 5 times a week.

To defend himself, all that Novak has to do is say that he was "expressing himself" in an artistic manner. And now his civil rights are being violated by CNN, which is "suppressing" his right to free expression. Oh wait, that only works if you want a shit-stained picture of the Virgin Mary displayed in a public museum. Silly me for thinking otherwise.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

It looks like the Federalist Society's own Mark Kapocius has begun his run early, using a little homemade yard art to get out the vote in Greendale, WI.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I find this amusing 
Man pays $120 traffic ticket with pennies. My hero.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Does anybody remember when Dan Rather fawned over Saddam Hussein during a pre-war interview? In that shameless piece of anti-war propaganda, Rather, without sarcasm, asked Saddam about recently getting "100%" of the vote in a sham election. Here is what happens when left-wing propaganists (the same ones, I might add) try that sort of thing in Russia.
Neal Boortz is on the Fair Tax attack 

If you’re not familiar with Neal Boortz then this will be a great day for you. Neal is a radio talk show host in Atlanta, GA. He is freaking awesome. Neal has now authored a book, in conjunction with Congressman John Linder, which will absolutely reform the current tax system. The FairTax Book is released today, and is currently #6 on Amazon.com. I recommend that everyone pick up this book. Or borrow it from me in a couple days when I’m done with my copy. If you’re not sure what exactly the FairTax system is, Neal will be doing promos on some national television and radio shows. If you’re employed, Tivo these; it will be worth your time:

  • Tuesday (8/2/05) Neal will be on during the third hour of Sean Hannity’s radio show (appox. 4pm-5pm CST). Listen live here.
  • Tuesday (8/2/05) Neal will be on Hannity & Colmes this evening. Fox News Channel, 8pm CST.
  • Wednesday (8/3/05) Neal will appear on CNN’s American Morning. CNN, 6am-9am CST.
  • Wednesday (8/3/05) Neal will appear on Your World w/ Neil Cavuto. Fox News Channel, 3pm-4pm CST.
The British are freaking out 

Near King’s Cross station, on Gray’s Inn Road, in downtown London, police and fire squads have converged on a double-decker bus. Apparently there is smoke coming from the bus and a suspicious package may be on the bus too. Amazing how everything that happens in London is now terrorist related. Sounds like America 3 years ago. Scary.

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