Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Marquette's appalling choices for a nickname, Golden Eagles and Hilltoppers, are so substandard that it's almost not even worth mentioning. I voted for the Hilltoppers, which would give Marquette one of the lamest nicknames in all of college sports, and deservedly so. I thought the whole idea behind this name change was that people hated the name Golden Eagles. It's time to just jump ship on this thing and throw it back in their faces.

That's not all, however. Marquette is allowing us, the masses, to suggest a logo now. There is no reason to believe that they will choose any of the submissions. I'm willing to believe that they've already picked a logo, like they did a nickname last time, but I still gave them some choices. The following was my written submission to the powers that be over at MU:

Given that you're willing to make everyone angry by giving only these two terrible choices, why don't you give the team a PC logo, like a rainbow flag, to show how diverse and wonderful Marquette is. Or you could take a personal check of the university and put a stamp with the words "Insufficient Funds" on it. That would represent the draining of the university operating budget after thousands of alumni refuse to donate one cent to a university that is willing to act in such a stubborn manner.

Ahh, but it's all for nothing.
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