Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) has posted an op-ed on the Huffington Post website about how the President's speech last night lacked "Candor and Clarity" regarding our plan in Iraq. Accordingly, Generalisimo Feingold has issued the following orders to President Bush:

I have introduced a resolution calling for the President to provide a public report clarifying the mission that the U.S. military is being asked to accomplish in Iraq and laying out a plan and timeframe for accomplishing that mission.

This idiotic "resolution" shows just how incompetent liberals are when it comes to managing war and foreign affairs. If I remember correctly, the libs were demanding a "timetable" and public disclosure of future battle plans, etc., during the Vietnam War. Proving that liberals haven't learned anything since then, Feingold, like a deadbeat hippy of yore, asks Bush to provide a specific pullout strategy and "timeframe" for accomplishing our mission in Iraq, just like he probably asked of Nixon on the University of Wisconsin campus back in the 60s.

I'm starting to wonder whether the libs are actively plotting against our success in Iraq, rather than just being horribly wrong about the messages we send to our enemies. If we give the "insurgents" a timetable for withrdrawal, what does Feingold think that these people will do? Check their watches and say, "Well, the Americans are leaving soon, better attack now." No, unlike Feingold, the "insurgent" terrorists are not complete idiots when it comes to war policy. They will wait for us to leave, then attack a weakened Iraqi military, overthrow the government, and then impose an extremist regime in its place.

You would think that the Democrats, who are obsessed with Vietnam, would have actually learned something from that experience. If you let politics, instead of sound military policy, dominate the rules of engagement, spelling out everything for the enemy, you will lose. Feingold, in one sweeping letter, proved that he really is the "useful idiot" the Commies snickered at during the cold war.

War strategy is too tough for liberals to understand. Never vote for them.
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