Monday, June 27, 2005

Dennis Rader, the BTK killer, has plead guilty to the cold blooded murders of ten of his fellow townspeople in Wichita, Kansas. He admitted that the killings were conducted to fulfill his sexual fantasies. The killer was caught after complaining to the media about his lost notoriety, sending them a disk with clues about his victims, which the police used to finally catch him.

So, now that it's all over, where are the Democats? Shouldn't they be monitoring his jail cell to make sure that he's getting fair treatment, without torture or ridicule from guards? Shouldn't they be asking BTK why he "hates" us? Shouldn't they be trying to start a dialog, and come to a common understanding with this savage? Shouldn't the liberal media be running story after story about his "plight" and calling him an American "insurgent"? Shouldn't President Bush somehow be blamed for letting the BTK killer go free for so long?

If BTK were an Iraqi terrorist or member of al Qaida, who cut the heads off of live, conscious people in a fit of religious fervor, was caught, and then was transported to Guantanamo Bay or Abu Graib prisons, the liberals would be falling over each other to side with him and protect his "rights." Not only that, but this guy killed out of sexual fervor, which should all but make him a hero according to liberal standards. It is sorely disappointing to watch as this gentleman's (should I say victim's?) rights are being trampled, with no Jesse Jackson to consult him.

Somebody send ol' Dicky Durbin a postcard, he missed the train on this one.
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