Monday, May 23, 2005

The university adminstration has tendered several terrible names ("Blue and Gold" is one) that the students and alumni can vote on to replace the only somewhat worse Marquette "Gold" as the university's team nickname. An additional, write-in option has also been made available, which hopefully will be the way that the name is chosen.

I have a great name suggestion, which should immediately be written-in by all MU students:

Marquette Snipers

You can't beat that one. For those who have forgotten, the doves at the university freaked out over the conservative students' "Adopt-a-Sniper" program, which was featured at a kiosk along with other student organization presentations at the Memorial Union. What the ivory-tower liberals were so frustrated about was a display of the Marine Sniper credo, which featured language about "one shot, one kill," etc., that describes the sole goal of a sniper: killing people.

Let's reinvigorate the sniper name, displaying it proudly on all athletic wear for all to see. In any event, it's the closest thing to Warriors that we're ever going to get.
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