Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How I think things went down 
Here is my opinion, and I think it’s pretty valid. The Board has gathered numerous times in the last year to “discuss” the name change. There was a big push among the students and many alumni to change the name back to Warriors. But most people who supported the change knew, in their heart of hearts, that it wasn’t going to happen. We were going to be stuck with the Golden Chicken for another ten years.

Here is how I believe things went down: When the Board met for the first time to discuss the change, they took a vote and going back to Warrior was immediately voted down. Everyone in the room was sworn to secrecy. But hey, why tell the students. Let them get all worked up over the change. So in each subsequent meeting, the board voted on some names, and by January or February of 2005, they decided on Gold. But they couldn’t announce such a drastic change with three months of school remaining. There would be protests and riots every time the board met until the end of the semester. And there would be a massive letter writing campaign. The Board simply did not want to deal with the consequences of their actions. So they decided to announce it at their last meeting of the semester, the week before finals. Pathetic in my opinion. I would suggest that students never allow the University to forget what happened on May 4th. Every year, until the name is changed, a protest rally should be held outside of the Union and Jes Res. Never Forget.
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