Saturday, May 07, 2005

Father Wild uses protection 
Indeed he does. I was hanging around outside of the AMU yesterday, at about 6pm, when Father Wild exited the union walking briskly, accompanied by a large man in a suit with a two-way communication device on his jacket. I didn’t really think much of it until the guy walked Father Wild to his car, then to the Jes Res, but then the guard returned to the AMU alone. When I saw Father Wild earlier this week, he was walking alone with no escort. So the only assumption I can make is that he’s taken to using a guard. Maybe the student reaction is being noticed…

I attended the protest rally yesterday outside of Gold’s Gym. Even with the rain there was a decent turnout. The media was present, as was Father Wild. Father Wild made a general statement that resembled the press release we received on Wednesday. Students shouted questions, but none were answered. After Father Wild left, the students hung around for a while and the sun came out. At about one o’clock the group marched over to O’Hara Hall to yell at Father Wild some more. Again, Father Wild came outside to address the students. Everyone was very orderly and nothing got out of hand. I have to say that regardless of his decision, Father Wild made himself available to the students when he was under no obligation to do so. And he tried to answer the questions as best he could, not being to speak for all of the Board members. I respect his willingness to take the heat for the entire Board.

But it seems that Father Wild is sick of taking the heat for the Board’s decision, so today, Saturday, at 1030 am, John Bergstrom, chair of the Board, will hold a listening session in AMU 227. (grazie
Marquette Warrior) I haven’t yet decided whether I want to subject myself to more groupthink and irrational justifications, so we’ll see if I attended. But I suggest you go and make your voice heard.
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