Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cracks in the Kremlin 
It seems the MU Board of Trustees has heard the stampede of students and alumni against "Goldy." In a hastily-scheduled meeting today, the Board will decide if the opinions of the unwashed heathens (i.e., graduates of MU) have any value. Incidentally, how do they get everyone back to Milwaukee on such short notice? Or was this emergency meeting predetermined?

Prediction: They will announce that they need some time to consider the input of students/faculty/alumni. Of course, the responses will be filtered through our "Catholic, Jesuit values." Sometime in July (when no one is around) Goldy will be shoved down our throats again. Because, as has been demonstrated time and time again, MU graduates are savage dolts who cannot determine what is racist or demeaning, therefore our wise fathers need to think for us. I thank them for their paternalism. It's so much easier than having to think for ourselves.

It could be worse, however. You could work for the Office of University Advancement. How would you like to shill for cash after this boondoggle?
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