Saturday, April 02, 2005

ABC News: Jackson Accuser's Ex-Lawyer Denies Plot

For some unknown reason, the prosecutor in the Michael Jackson case called the soon-to-be civil (suing for $) attorney for Jackson's accuser, who assured the jury that the accuser had not yet filed a civil suit against Jackson, and that the criminal case had nothing to do with trying to score some cash.

Then, as usual, Jackson's attorney, Thomas Mesereau, turned this witness to his advantage by getting the kid's soon-to-be attorney to admit that yes, a win at the criminal trial would ensure a positive verdict in a civil case. Moreover, the kid's soon-to-be attorney admitted that they still had five years to file the civil suit, should they choose to do so. Something tells me that the criminal trial will not last 5 years.

Although he does not currently represent the child in a civil case against Jackson, this same attorney is assisting the family, free of charge, with legal issues collateral to the case. This same attorney has represented another boy, who apparently wrested a settlement equalling millions of dollars from Jackson several years ago. The jury heard all of this.

In evaluating the prosecutor's actions, one question keeps popping into my head: Is he trying to lose?
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