Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Cuban exile seeking asylum could go before officials within days

I'm really not sure what to think of this. Luis Posada, a Cuban exile currently seeking asylum in the U.S., has a checkered past that makes him both a good and bad candidate for asylum.

On the plus side, Posada did participate in the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion and he assisted the CIA in several operations against the Cuban government, including plots to assassinate Fidel Castro. Moreover, he is 77 years old, so he probably isn't a big threat today, even if he is crazy.

On the negative side, Posada did allegedly participate in the bombing of a Cuban jetliner that killed 73 people. That said, he was acquitted twice in Venezuela on the bombing charges; however, both Cuba and Venezuela are demanding another trial. Further, Posada is a posterboy for our hopelessly lax security at the border with Mexico, as he recently crossed there without incident.

I think what tips the balance in Posada's favor is his ability to enrage Castro, who is desparate to punish Posada. After all, Castro didn't seem to mind us keeping Cuban criminals when he sent them here during the Mariel Boat Lift, so he can shut his trap.

Another reason to keep him is that if the lefties were in power, this guy would already be in a torture room in Havana. As human-rights-respecting Republicans, we can't turn over a terror suspect to a nation that will torture and/or kill him. The lefties used to agree with this principle, but, as in all things, when their political interests are at stake, their position on an issue changes accordingly.
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