Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A few posts ago, I discussed how the Sudan had been using liberal tactics against the U.N. First, they used a million man march to demonstrate outrage over the International Criminal Court's indictment of Sudanese military members who committed genocide in the Darfur region. Then we heard about how the Sudanese government had set up not one but two committees to "study" problems in the Darfur, obviously without the intent to do anything except delay any unlikely U.N. action dealing with the problem.

Well, it looks like the Sudan has hit paydirt. The "international community" over at the U.N. has decided to give the Sudan 4.5 billion dollars to assist in rebuilding the Darfur region, despite the fact that the Sudanese military has not stopped committing atrocities there. The only country who demanded any conditions, such as, uhh, STOPPING THE GENOCIDE was, you guessed it, the U.S.

Why is the rest of the U.N. so stupid, you ask? Well, it all comes down to oil, with the "progressive" Chinese and Europeans lining up first to give up a load of strings-free cash to the Sudanese, in an unstated quid pro quo for oil of course. The Sudan's dictators don't even have to stop the genocide.

Wow. Now, more than ever, we should be seriously considering getting out of the U.N. Go Bolton!
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