Saturday, April 30, 2005

The runaway bride 

Jennifer Wilbanks has been found. Well, I guess she really found herself. This is the woman from Duluth, GA that went missing last week after she went jogging. Her wedding was planned for today, Saturday, and it was to be a pretty big wedding. They had 600 people on the guest list, and 14 groomsmen and bridesmaids. She apparently freaked out earlier in the week, went running, and never came home. Instead, she hoped a bus to Las Vegas. Amazingly, she made it all the way to Albuquerque on only $40. Impressive. About 1:30am this morning, she called 911 saying that she was outside a 7-Eleven and didn’t know where she was. That she was kidnapped by a Hispanic man and a white woman in a blue van. And that they dropped her off in Albuquerque. Not true. A few hours later, she broke down during an interview with the FBI and confessed to running away.

It’s nice that she’s alive and that she wasn’t really kidnapped. And I guess this is her way of coping with stress. But really, how selfish is this? To just run away and never call. All you had to do is call one person and say “Hey, I’m freaking out right now and I’m heading out West. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. Just let everyone know I’m okay.” The town of Duluth would have saved money. The state of Georgia would have saved money. And your family wouldn’t be scared to death that you were kidnapped, raped, and killed. Just a little common courtesy would have gone a long way.

Remember that chick from Madison, WI that pulled this same stunt? She was told that she’ll have to repay the money that was spent searching for her. I think that makes sense. Because you failed to be a decent human being, you will have to pay for your mistakes and the strain you put on others.
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