Friday, April 15, 2005

Group Says 'Nogger' Ice-Cream Ad Racist

In a move that only a sociology professor could applaud, the Center Against Racism, a Swedish civil rights organization with nothing better to do, is screaming and whining that an ice cream bar named "nogger black" is racist. An advertising poster includes the name in graffiti, which the group claims lampoons "black culture." According to the ice cream company, the term "nogger" has been used for 10 years to describe its nougat-based ice cream and the term "black" refers to liquorice.

It's funny that these idiots can't even see that by bringing such a ridiculous charge they are the ones lampooning black culture. Call me naive, but before reading this I didn't know that graffiti was a black cultural activity. Maybe its these so-called activists who are the real racists!
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