Thursday, April 28, 2005

it's about time! 
The Houston public has finally had it with smelly libraries! And it’s about time someone took action to clean up the filth in public libraries. On Wednesday, the City Council in Houston passed some regulations that should keep the homeless out of the public libraries, unless they clean up first. Apparently things had gotten pretty bad down there as evidenced by a few of the regulations. No longer will people be able to sleep on tables, eat, or use the restrooms for bathing and “offensive bodily hygiene that constitutes a nuisance to others”. Priceless. But wait, two fine city councilpersons voted against the new regulations stating that “I understand what they’re trying to do, but when you start targeting a community like the homeless, I think that’s poor policy.” Not true, sir. The regulations don’t say that homeless aren’t allowed in the library. It simply states that smelly people can’t use the library as a shelter anymore. It just so happens that the smelly people using the library as a shelter are homeless. Oh well.

Maybe Milwaukee should take some steps to implement similar measures. Have you ever been to the Milwaukee Public Library on Wisconsin and 8th? Insane! I don’t feel comfortable leaving my backpack with my legal pad sitting on a table while I go have a cigarette. It probably won’t be there when I get back. That’s ridiculous. And it’s quite amusing to walk around the main floor and look at the fine gentlemen getting an edumacation from the picture books. Or some of the guys “reading” a book that is upside-down. It’s a freaking homeless shelter. And it doesn’t help that some charitable organizations set up free food outside of the library. That’s aweful. You’re simply promoting the library as a homeless shelter. Really, if you haven’t been down to the MPL, you should check it out sometime. But leave your Ipod at home.
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