Friday, April 15, 2005

Clinton mobbed at signing of Kvaerner deal

Bill Clinton was treated as a hero this week in Philadelphia for his role in providing a massive corporate welfare package to Norweigan shipbuilder Kvaerner, which agreed to build several ships on American soil in exchange for 400 million dollars in taxpayer-provided funds. Sounds like a great deal.

Clinton was treated like a rock star at the event, as several workers stopped just short of throwing their underwear after his speech:

A mob of workers, most of them men, surrounded Clinton like star-struck
teenaged girls clamoring for his autograph and a handshake, delaying his
departure for nearly an hour.

But it wasn't only Hollywood on display. Clinton had these gems of economic wisdom for the crowd, displaying the genius that led to the stock market bubble of the late 90s:

"I disagreed with those who said manufacturing was dead in America,"
Clinton said. "I believe every great country needs to make things. We might have
to do it with fewer people and more technology, but we need to make

"You have proved we can, and I thank you from the bottom of my

When I read this, I immediately thought of a scene in Rocky II where Rocky, who wants to quit fighting, applies for a job in an office. To reassure his employer of his qualifications, Rocky sits at a desk and shuffles a bunch of papers while saying "I can do 'dis." In reality, he couldn't even read.

In essence, Clinton said to the shipbuilders, "The economy gets better when people make stuff, so the government should build factories and people should make stuff in them. Come on people, we can do 'dis!" This is the depth of the Democrats' plan on the economy, which proves they are economic illiterates.

Milton Friedman they are not.
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