Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Check out this People for the (un)American Way ad showing an alleged Republican firefighter shilling for keeping the filibuster rule in the Senate. The firefighter, Ted Nonini, is best known for his work in a union that supported John Kerry during the last presidential race. Captain's Quarters blog has the skinny on this faker. How pathetic does it get.

The rest of the ad features Jimmy Stewart in the 1939 movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, whose character, Mr. Smith, filibusters a pork-barrel bill on the Senate floor. It's worth mentioning that Mr. Smith wasn't filibustering the confirmation of a federal judge--that has never been done until now.

The folks over at PAW must have forgotten about a famous real-life filibusterer, who, like the bad guys Mr. Smith fought, just happens to be the "King of Pork"--former Klan leader and current Democratic Senator Robert Byrd. Byrd is most famous for his 14-hour filibuster on the Senate floor, where he protested the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The Democrats just might want to forget about that one.
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