Sunday, April 17, 2005

GOP Lawmaker May Vote Against U.N. Nominee, ABC News

The mainstream press is placing all of its hopes on so-called "moderate" Republicans, hoping that they will vote against Bush on a variety of issues. Hoping to sow the seeds of dissention, ABC is reporting that a "top Senate Republican," Senator Chuck Hagel, doesn't like some of the things he's heard about U.N. Ambassador nominee John Bolton. Apparently, one of Hagel's staffers worked with Bolton, and said that Bolton has an intimidating management style, which makes him hard to get along with. Sen. Hagel hasn't said that he would vote against Bolton's nomination, just that he finds the allegations disturbing, which could possibly lead to him voting against the nomination if he heard too many more negatives.

In the same article, Democratic Senator Joe Biden is quoted at length about his own problems with Bolton:

"John Bolton's strong and in some areas very respected ideological view of
foreign policy intelligence are admirable, but they're not admirable for someone
running a Cabinet-level position, one of the largest embassies in the world,
which is essentially, the embassy of the United States at the U.N.," Sen. Joseph
Biden, D-Del. said.

"What happens when our ambassador has to stand up and make the case on
intelligence relating to Iraq and North Korea?" Biden added. "Do you think John
Bolton is going to be believed? … I think it matters a great deal whether or not
they have credibility as we move into these most dangerous moments with Korea
and with Iran."

Apparently Sen. Biden thinks that "credibility" comes with being "believed." Bolton once said that the top 10 floors of the U.N. could be chopped off and nothing in the world would change.

That sounds pretty believable.
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