Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dean: Dems will use Schiavo against GOP, Chicago Sun-Times

Democrats must stop 'speaking down to voters,' Dean says, USA Today

Howard Dean, current chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, has accused Republicans of "grandstanding" in the Terri Schiavo ordeal. His party plans on running ads in the 2006 and 2008 elections that include an image of Tom DeLay and language suggesting that DeLay is trying to "decide whether you die or not."

Dean went on to accuse Republicans of trying to impose a "theocracy" that "tells people what to do," rather than allowing people to consult with their own "high powers" when deciding what decisions to make.

Within the same week, Dean hypocritically encouraged Democrats to "stop speaking down to voters" on issues such as abortion and the degeracy of popular culture. Dean went so far as to say that the Democrats need to be "concerned" with the fact that most people are "worried about what's on television."

If my memory serves me correctly, the Democrats were pretty intent on making sure a trial judge and Terri's scumbag husband had the final say on whether Terri Schiavo "died or not," not the Republicans, Terri's real family, or Terri Schiavo. All the Republicans tried to do was to provide extra judicial protections to ensure that Terri's right to live was observed, and that there was adequate evidence to suggest that she had actually "decided" to die of starvation/dehydration in advance--which is very doubtful.

If Terri were a clearly guilty death row inmate, the Democrats would have held candlelight vigils in an effort to protect her right to due process. But since she was a symbol for their death-loving euthanasia movement, they had other plans--plans to just skip the hearing and kill her. Just try to sell that in 2006, Mr. Dean.

Further, the Democrats' "concern" about what's on television is not going to con the average voter into thinking that they actually care about family issues. These are the same people who would call strip clubs and child pornography free speech, worthy of First Amendment protections. These are also the same people who would defend partial-birth abortion to the end, claiming it's a constitutional right. Are we really supposed to believe they give a damn about sex and violence on TV? Notice the fact that Dean doesn't even say he will do something about the problem. Instead, a la Tom Daschle, he will show "concern." What B.S.

Prepare to lose, my liberal friends. Prepare to lose. Yeeeeeaaaaaah!
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