Friday, April 01, 2005

The New York Times > New York Region > Metro Campaigns > Clinton Supporters Gear Up Against 'Swift Boat' Tactics

Today's NY Times reports that Hillary Clinton, who in her time in the Senate has "won over many Republican colleagues with a nonconfrontational and even cordial style," is gearing up for battle against the "right wing," which intends to use "Swift Boat style ads" against her in her 2006 Senatorial campaign.

According to my memory, the Swift Vets were a group of sailors who either served with John Kerry during the Vietnam War, or were angry with him for coming back to the states and betraying them when he later sided with the Vietcong against the U.S. Military. Essentially, the Swift Vets contradicted Kerry's accounts of his own trumped-up war war injuries, which were used as a springboard for getting himself elected President. To date, Kerry has not released military records that would put an end to the controversy.

I wonder how Hillary would get "Swift Boat Veteran" treatment during the 2006 campaign. Maybe it will have something to do with her own past totally contradicting her present actions. Recently, we've seen "Pro-Life Hillary" on abortion, "Pro-Family Hillary" on videogame violence, and "Silent Hillary" on the Terri Schiavo issue. In the past, we've seen "Socialist Hillary" on the national healthcare system, "Radical Feminist Hillary" on the partial-birth abortion issue, and "Unpardonable Hillary" where her brother secured a pardon (presumably with her assistance) for a dangerous drug dealer at the end of the Clinton presidency.

By 2006, there will be a ton of lipstick on the pig that is Hillary Clinton's platform. I doubt that the NYT will notice.
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