Monday, April 18, 2005

DeLay Mails Long Rebuttal to Voters Back in Texas, New York Times

I am still trying to figure out what Tom DeLay did (other than be successful) to get so much press coverage based on his ethics. The trumped-up accusations against DeLay are based on the weakest of ethics violations, such as paying family members to work on his campaign, which many of his Democrat accusers have done as well. Despite the criminal tone set by the media, DeLay has not been charged criminally or formally censured by anybody.

Back in the old days, the media would actually put a story like this in context, and allow the embattled politician a chance to set the record straight. Because the liberal-dominated media prefers that DeLay remain "under fire" from "several fronts" (two liberal Republicans = one front), DeLay had to actually make his own publication to explain what's going on in an accurate light.

And the Communist newspaper editors wonder why they're readership is declining.
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