Tuesday, April 05, 2005

International News Article | Reuters.com

This story is simply unbelievable. Reuters, dutifully reporting from the Arab Human Development Report, which is prepared (not surprisingly) under U.N. auspices, has concluded that the U.S. hasn't helped democracy, and instead has prevented it, in the middle east.

Anyone with two eyes can see how incorrect this so-called "report" is in describing the facts. First, the U.S. personally installed a democracy in Iraq within the past year. Maybe the reporters believe that democracy in Iraq was superior when 100% of the people voted for Saddam Hussein a few years ago. Second, the Palestinians and Israelis are closer than ever to a real split of power, which is apparently ignored by the report. And finally, Egypt is bracing for democratic reform. Again ignored.

I think that these U.N. hacks should prepare a 20-year report outlining all that the organization has done to instill democracy in the area. I'm guessing it would be pretty thin.
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