Thursday, April 07, 2005

Immigrant: Minuteman trio held him against his will

The Minuteman Project has claimed its first victim on the U.S.-Mexico border this week. The victim told authorities of his harrowing ordeal while being held by the vigilante group:
Carol Capas, a sheriff's office spokeswoman, said the 26-year-old man from
Obregon, Mexico, told agents he was physically restrained and forced to hold
a shirt while his picture was taken and he was videotaped.

The shirt read: "Bryan Barton caught an illegal alien and all I got was
this T-shirt."

Barton, who is from California, told agents that he and the other two
volunteers waived the man over to them, offered the immigrant
food and water, and gave him the T-shirt and money before the Border Patrol

Ha ha ha! Maybe he should bring a claim in the International Criminal Court! If that doesn't work, he can always sue Barton and the US government for a million dollars--the courts would be foolish enough to let him win.

If he does sue he will have the support of my liberal President and his ACLU backers. Vigilantes my a-s! How was I to know Bush was a left wing liberal when I voted for him?
Rod Stanton
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