Monday, March 28, 2005

Jeff Jacoby: The wrong Rx

As if the Terri Schiavo ordeal weren't enough to prove that the left in this country has a penchant for death, this article, written by Jeff Jacoby, lays bare the promise of socialized medicine, comparing the experience of so-called "single payer" systems with the current for-profit system in the U.S.

Single payer healthcare is as much of a misnomer as its name suggests. Who is the single payer? It is the government, which is really about a 300 million payer system. Does it cover everyone? Yes, everyone will have to wait for the same unreasonably long periods in order to see a doctor, who will have to take on more patients to satisfy the government quotas mandating his caseload. In the end, all will have access to a healthcare system as efficient as the DMV and as comfortable as a public restroom.

If you like long waiting periods for life-threatening illnesses, and having lower cure rates for these illnesses, sign up for "single payer" insurance right now. If you don't feel like playing this type of Russian roulette, stop acting like a communist.
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