Saturday, March 26, 2005

I was just thinking of a few things that should follow in the wake of Terri Schiavo's death:

1. Passage of state laws that ban all abortions. The "Federalist" Democrats should just love that one. After all, we just got done hearing that the federal courts have no place reviewing the life-and-death decisions of a state court. Even the ACLU agrees: Down with Roe v. Wade!

2. Passage of laws requiring starvation to replace lethal injection in all death penalty cases. In case you didn't know, being starved to death is now considered "euphoric" by the left. Why waste money on lethal injections, when a far more humane death is available--and free!

3. A huge increase in the sale of living wills and advanced directives containing starvation clauses. Armed with a copy of the New York Times under her arm, a new breed of citizen can add this moneysaving clause to her end-of-life document with complete comfort that a painless, euphoric end will follow when she is starved to death after being incapacitated.

4. Passing state laws requiring, where no living will exists, credible evidence that a person wanted to be unhooked from a feeding tube and starved to death in the event of incapacitation. Of course, the states could write in the "movie exception" to this rule, which would allow a sleazy ex-husband to say, seven years after the fact, that the incapacitated person was once watching a movie, and that the movie had an actor with tubes in him/her, and seeing this, the person then said, "I wouldn't want to live like that," thereby justifying starving that person to death following a brain injury.
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