Monday, March 21, 2005

On my last post, I told you all that I would be pursuing the peace protesters near my hotel. Unfortunately, the union rules must have prevented the protesters from working after 5:00 p.m., because they were nowhere to be found when I returned. Only the homeless were still there, waiting for the next protest. Sorry to disappoint.

On a lighter note, everyone around here is freaking out about the Terri Schiavo ordeal. Her hospice is only a few miles away from here, so people are probably more aware of her case than they otherwise might be. I talked to a few people who wanted her to die. Each time, the would preface their remarks with "If I were in her situation...."

In response, I calmly explained that the point of the whole (and absolutely correct) action of Congress and the President was to give her added due process rights, which allow a federal court to review her case for errors. They have the same thing for convicted felons, I added, and further opined that my own personal experience with the government and criminal law strongly supports a position in favor of further review. Would you trust the DMV not to screw up? If no, then let's make sure they don't kill someone without a full review of the facts, which are pretty suspicious to begin with.

I usually don't watch tv, but I have one in my hotel room, complete with CNN. To a person, the "reporters" are absolutely up in arms about this case, suggesting that the Republicans are only appeasing their base and not representing the American people, who prefer killing a disabled person because "If it were me...." they wouldn't want to live. Fine. Make a living will. That way it won't be you. But for the adults in the room, maybe we should be a little suspicious about the 7-years-late claims of Terri's husband, who didn't mention any of this at the time, received a large settlement with the expecation that she would live, demanded that nursing home staff stop treating her properly, and moved in with another woman, with whom he's fathered two out-of-wedlock children. Not too credible.

The main opposition to Terri living comes from a group of people who would protest in front of a prison to prevent a known rapist and killer from getting executed. These same people think that starving a disabled person to death is mercy. What garbage.
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