Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Device lets you out-Fox your TV

Sam Kimery, a citizen activist, has invented a handy new device that prevents TV watchers from accidentally tuning into Fox News, which he compares to "tabloids out of the grocery store." Because Fox has to potential to "reinforce certain retrograde notions," Kimery has invented the "Fox Blocker," which is a screw-in technological device that blocks Fox News from appearing on your television set.

Considering free speech concerns, Kimery explained that the point was "not to block the channel or block free speech but to raise awareness." Awareness of what? Retrograde notions? Tabloid journalism?

We can all be glad the device does not block such enlightened programing as Chris Matthews' Hardball, Anderson Cooper 360, or Judy Woodruff's Inside Politics. None of those shows are tabloid-like in the least, and they definitely do not reinforce retrograde notions. Fox could learn a lot from these programs.
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