Thursday, November 11, 2004

WOW.(re: RTPE) People are taking Mark Belling's indefinite suspension pretty hard. Well good. It’s about time that someone rallied the troops to fight for this man. He’s served the Milwaukee community for 15 years on the public airwaves. And now he’s getting screwed seven ways from Sunday.

Background: a few days before the November 2nd election, Belling made this statement on-air (audio version
here): "You watch the voter turnout on the near south side, heavily Hispanic, and compare it to the voter turnout in any other election, and you're going to see every wetback and every other non-citizen out there voting." Under pressure, he apologized. In my opinion, it was crap. No, not the apology (however, others believe so), but the fact that he apologized at all. It was clear from the initial and subsequent apologies that Belling did not feel as though he should be apologizing at all. I agree. Then don’t do it. Don’t cave in to corporate pressure. Don’t cave into pressure from the Hispanic community. Just. Don’t. Apologize. If you believe in what you said, then stand by it.

I’d also like to comment on the Hispanic community in Milwaukee. First, it’s a safe bet that very few, if any, were listening to the Mark Belling show on October 27th and heard this “awful” remark. Some real lefty was probably listening to the show (just like they do with Limbaugh…imagining what awful thing will come out of his mouth next keeps them tuned in), heard the statement, and immediately called one of the Hispanic “Leaders” in Milwaukee to inform him/her about the travesty committed upon their people. The “leader”, in turn, activated the “We’re Still Oppressed” network of unemployed folks to make signs and rally outside Belling’s place of employment. These
crazy wackos are calling for the firing of Mark Belling. Let me ask you, any of you, when was the last time a black radio host (or DJ) was fired or reprimanded for making a disparaging comment toward white folks (most notably “damn crackers”)? Again, let me ask you, people of the Milwaukee Hispanic community: At your job, whatever that might be, when you screw up, do you expect to get fired for the first wrong thing you’ve done? The second? Even the third? I doubt it. Then why fire Belling? Have you, people of the Milwaukee Hispanic community, ever made a derogatory racial comment (and yes, a racial comment directed at a white person is still be derogatory)? If so, have you ever done it at work? Should you be fired?

Mark Belling clearly has opinions about the Hispanic community. You might not like those opinions, but does that mean they are wrong? No. Not at all. It means they’re different. Maybe even in the minority. Please learn that different doesn’t mean wrong. It appears to be that Belling believes that some members of the Hispanic community in Milwaukee are illegal immigrants. I don’t think anyone in his or her right mind would disagree with that. He made that opinion known, by using a term that some feel continues to oppress Hispanics. Well then…I really think you need to suck it up, and move on. If you didn’t cross the Rio Grande, and you’re back isn’t wet, then let it go. Inhale. Exhale. Move on.
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