Friday, November 19, 2004

Aunt Jemima and Uncle Tom 
Rally the troops! Call Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton! Tell the police to put on the riot gear! We’re gonna have some trouble in Madison. Or are we? As you should remember (and if you don’t, click here) Mark Belling used the term “wetback” on his radio show and was removed from the air for a period of time. Hispanics (and other random “oppressed” minorities) were all up in arms over the use of such an “offensive” word. And here we go again.

John Sylvester is the morning “personality” on WTDY-AM in Madison, WI. Goes by the radio name of “Sly”, how cute. He’s a left-winger and his show would be unsuccessful anywhere but Madison. Sly, being the openly liberal Democrat that he is, has decided that Dr. Condoleezza Rice is unsuited for the job of Secretary of State. And he stated as such as his morning program. Which is all well and good, except that he also said that she is an
“Aunt Jemima” and that Colin Powell is an “Uncle Tom”. So wait just a minute. A white radio guy calls illegal Mexicans “wetbacks”, and a huge outrage ensues. But a white radio guy refers to prominent black Republicans in slave names and there is no outrage? No marching in the streets. No demand that Sly removed himself, permanently, from the air. And why? Because he’s a democrat. And it’s okay to call people of color, who have seen the light and have broken ranks with the party, offensive names. There will be no backlash. There will be very little outrage.

Personally, I think it’s disgusting. It appears that these minorities only care about the insults when they comes from someone on the other side of the isle. Someone they can destroy with this newly-found opportunity. How about minorities stand up for each other, regardless of who attacks you. Regardless of whether you’re jealous of their education and all they’ve achieved. According to Sly, a black person could never be worthy of serving in a white man’s administration based on his merit alone. Disgusting.
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